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The St. Louis Fire on Ice Hockey team was established in 1989.  In the beginning Fireman and Paramedics from the St. Louis area got together a few times a week to get some exercise and overall, have a good time while playing hockey. Over the years the team has traveled around the country participating in different Guns & Hoses hockey tournaments and fundraisers.  It did not take long for the team to build a rapport with other organizations through professionalism and hard work.  The team continues to travel and not only help local causes but charities all across the country.  Year after year the team continues to play hard and represent St. Louis Public Safety workers.  Along the teams journey, one of the founding team members formed the charity Responder Rescue.  This local charity was est in 2009 and is going strong today. Responder Rescue was established to help the seriously ill or injured emergency workers unable to continue working. Today the St. Louis Fire on Ice Hockey team is compiled of over 100 members.  These members represent departments from the Metro East (IL) through the vast majority of St. Louis Area. The team works closely with Responder Rescue, The St. Louis Blues Alumni and many more local organizations.  Please check out our Facebook page for events we have recently attended and are planning in the future. Thank you for the support and stay safe !!!